9 Inspiring Uses Of White Wood Flooring

White wood flooring can be used to make a real change creating a clean open and spacious looking room; it is becoming an especially popular trend for naturally darker rooms where light is limited due to lack of windows. Because of this simple addition, the room is immediately made brighter and more welcoming.

Besides the aesthetic reasoning, the benefits of choosing a white coloured or washed wood include the flexibility of it blending with any colour scheme possible and being a flooring choice for any room of the home. The examples below show how white wood flooring can be used in multiple very different scenarios.

1. First of all an entertaining lounge made bright and spacious due to the addition of the flooring

2. Noteworthy example of using bright colours whilst keeping the flooring a neutral white

3. Family kitchen with a clean feel from the flooring

4. Scandinavian styled room with broad long wood planks

5. Bedroom with a luxurious aura due to the white flooring

6. Example where a fur rug can compliment white floor

7. Bathroom kept simple because of the minimal flooring look and open spaces

8. Large living room seems to be lacking windows but still remains bright and spacious

9. To finish is an example of a Swedish apartment complete with white flooring throughout the entire apartment.

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